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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?

My service is available to you at no additional charge. 

How do I make a reservation?

Visit my Quotes Page located in the menu bar or at the bottom of the page and fill out your information (details & preferences). From there, I can begin building your unique and customized vacation.  When you are ready to book, I will make the reservation for you. You can also email me directly, OR, call me! Whichever method you choose, I am here to help with your dream vacation!

Do I have to pay for everything now?

If you want to you can, but it’s not necessary to pay the entire balance up front for most vacations. I will review with you all the rules governing your reservation including any deposits required, payment terms, due dates, and final payment requirements.

What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

Your reservation will be made directly with our vendors, and all of their change and cancellation policies will apply. I will review with you any rules and/or penalties regarding reservation changes or cancellations. We will work together and with our vendors to minimize any costs and carefully explain your options in the event of a change or cancellation.

How much does a cruise cost?

The price of a cruise is based on several different factors; type of ship, sailing date, length of cruise, number of guests per stateroom, and type of stateroom. 

What documentation will I need?

Depending on your cruise and where you will be sailing from will depend on the documentation you need. Make sure to visit my Travel Documents and Visas page for more information.

Will my cabin be ready as soon as I board?

Your cabin will most likely not be ready as soon as you board. However, you can explore the ship as well as enjoy food and activities while you wait. 

When will my luggage be available?

When your cabin is ready so will your luggage. This means when you board the ship your luggage will not be readily available to you. I highly suggest bringing an embarkation bag (cruise carry-on bag). Whether you bring a backpack, small duffle bag or beach bag, it's a must! Things to include in your embarkation bag; medication, valuables, laptops, sunscreen, change of clothes.

Is there a safety briefing onboard?

If you have cruised before you will remember the muster drill, the important safety briefing where everyone grouped together at their muster station during a specific time on embarkation day. While the safety briefing remains, the muster drill has changed. Instead of gathering everyone onboard to their muster station, you can now do your safety briefing on the cruise line's app, your mobile phone or in your stateroom on the TV. Procedures vary by cruise line, however, in most cases you can watch the briefing online then head over to your muster station and check-in with a crew member.

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